Steve develops & facilitates webinars for Innovative Educators.

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In the past, Steve also developed, hosted, and delivered  his own series of webinars. These "P.D.Q. Webinars" covered the following topics:

• Civility and Gratitude
• Personal Well-being
• Mentoring adjunct faculty
• Blogging with a Purpose
• Study Skills
• How-to Deliver Powerful Presentations
• Social Media
• Year in Review
• Priority Management
• Student Retention and Persistence
• Critical Thinking
• Supporting Our Adjuncts

Steve has delivered webinars for other audiences since 2011. Here is a short list of webinars (topics) he delivered as the invited featured presenter.

• Social Media & New Technologies in the Classroom (National Institute for Staff & Organizational Development-University of Texas)
• Critical Thinking for Personal Wellbeing and Responsibility (sponsored by Pearson Education)
• Reflective Practice (sponsored by Pearson Education; Innovative Educators)
• Using Social Media And New Technology To Galvanize Your Class (Innovative Educators)
• Leading With Inspiration: A Model For Student Success And Campus Culture (Innovative Educators)
• Retention: Assessing Why Students Stay and Why They Leave (Innovative Educators)
• Retention and Personal Well-being (Davenport University)
• Critical Thinking (Innovative Educators)
• Student Motivation (Innovative Educators)
• Developing and Delivering Powerful Presentations (Innovative Educators)
• Goal Achievement (A three-part series for students)
• Faculty Development and Mentoring (Innovative Educators)
• Motivating and Retaining First-Year College Students (Innovative Educators)
• The First Day of Class: People Before Paper (Innovative Educators)
• The Myth of Time Management (A three-part series for students) (Innovative Educators)

Contact Steve at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like more information about any of these programs.