A functioning community moves beyond listing and reciting core values. It shares and lives those values.

And, it provides a safe place for its members to explore, stretch, learn, fail, and grow.

Steve Piscitelli
Facilitator • Author
Community Advocate

YOU are the true thought leaders within and for your community.

Steve will help you identify strengths, challenges, and a course of action for growth and resilience. Listen to his message about dreams, relationships, and resilience during his commencement address for the Florida State College at Jacksonville Class of 2017. He encouraged the graduates to ask intentional and meaningful questions about purpose and growth.

Steve is not a life coach and does not provide legal advice. He facilitates conversations and helps your teams raise and confront important questions about what they do, why they do it, and how they do it.

Steve's New Book: Community as a Safe Place to Land

book2019Praise For Steve's New Book: The Seven Rs (core values) invite the reader to think deeper about community. Clear, concise, easy to absorb, and well-defined…This work makes a powerful point that community building requires more than just living near one another…Accessible in style…realistic in content. It does not take a flowery view of community nor make it seem like the process of building community is simple or easy…When we follow the passion in our heart, I'm pretty sure it looks a lot like this book! It's alive!

Community as a Safe Place to Land  has been released! You can get the Kindle e-book and paperback here. It will be availble in other markets in the near future. Check back for details.

A seven-episode podcast series complements the book. You can access these free episodes on this website (click here) and on The Growth and Resilience Network® YouTube playlist.