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"FSCJ Professor Uses Unique Tools of Teaching"
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So many people came up to PD committee members to tell us how much they enjoyed your speech. Thank you for the new ways of thinking and the tie-ins to what we are doing at Wake Tech. We have all stars, and you validated their thinking outside the box. We so enjoyed you.
Kay Ruth
Wake Technical Community College (2016)

I am so grateful to you for bringing your wonderful energy and heart to Wake Tech...You definitely made a great impression at Wake Tech. Several people made a point of thanking me for bringing you to our college. I knew they would love you!
Emily Moore
Wake Technical Community College (2016)

Steve practices what he preaches. From the moment we began discussions with him about possibly being our conference's keynote speaker, he was deeply committed to understanding and meeting our expectations. He stayed in close contact and was thoughtful and considerate throughout the process. He practiced acknowledging what we needed, nurturing the connection, active listening and delivered with integrity and humor - just as he approaches developing relationships with students. His presentation was the highlight of the conference and the breakout session was so crowded we probably violated fire codes!  Steve had useful, practical information interspersed with inspirational messages and memorable moments. It was a joy to work with Steve and, just as he came highly recommended to us, we highly recommend him to others.
Coralina Daly
Wyoming Student Affairs Conference (2014)

I am a Lakota Language Education Action Program (LLEAP) student at Sitting Bull College. I wanted to share what I learned from the presentation Steve did with us. His words will travel far into the future, I will take heed of his advice and actions. I as a student am greatly appreciative of him. So thank You again for the sound advice!
Pilamayaye Waniya (2013)

WOW! I have to be honest...it felt like my students were paid a visit by a doctor who still does house calls. One who came and diagnosed the [psycho-emotional] diseases that are threatening the success in their lives, and then prescribed the exact medication, suppplements, and therapy that they (we) needed to get on the road to wellness. Well done my friend. Thanks again for a fantastic presentation.
Brent Brown, Instructor  (2013)
Florida State College at Jacksonville

I just want to thank you for the AMAZING workshop you led for Edison State College.  “Engaging First-Year Students: Establishing Purposeful Connections” was exactly what we were looking for.  You met and exceeded our expectations for delivering an engaging workshop that increased participants’ knowledge and understanding of working with first-year students and promoting critical thinking.  We all left the workshop with great ideas that we can implement immediately!  I appreciate the time and thought you put into understanding Edison State College’s culture and designing activities... [June 2012]
Eileen DeLuca, Dean
Edison State College (Ft. Myers, FL)

Of all the many presentations and workshops I attended at the annual FYE conference (2012), yours was certainly at the top of the list!  You are a true “giver.” Much thanks for sharing.  It is no coincidence that over the past several weeks I have been employing (your adapted for media) R.E.D. approach.  I love the structure that it provides ... While I have used a variety of media over the years in my teaching for the same purposes as you have, this framework seems to legitimize the formal critical thinking in an academic context.
Kimberly Suffi, FYE Coordinator
American University of Kuwait

I have used your book in the past at one of my former institutions ... I have used your materials and taken information from your presentations at various conferences many times to help me be a better teacher in the classroom and help my students be successful! THANK YOU for the commitment you have not only to students, but to the faculty as well – it is deeply appreciated!
Rebecca Gubitti, Professor of Mathematics
Edison State College

Since I first heard you speak at the conference we sponsored at Florida Gateway College in the fall, I have become a fan of yours. You impart information in such an elegant but accessible manner.
Liz Cobb, Associate Professor of English
Florida Gateway College

Steve Piscitelli was excellent!  I truly enjoyed his presentations, and I plan to incorporate several activities in my classes as early as the first day of class and many more as the semester progresses. Thank you for giving instructors an opportunity to improve our teaching techniques and become more students based.  With Steve’s approach, Trenholm will be known as the college that cares about our students!  Let’s bring back the “We care buttons,” but more important, let us demonstrate “pride” in all that we do and work toward retention with every student.
Mary Ann Campbell, Director of the Culinary Arts Program
H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College

Of all the speakers I have listened to over the years, [Steve] made the most impact on me in that his presentation is so powerful yet he is so down-to-earth and his website keeps on giving so much more!! Thank you.
Suresh Kaushik, Ed.D., Dean of Development
H. Councill Trenholm State Technical College

**Wonderful presentation. Totally applicable to students and personal life. Steve is energetic, knowledgeable, and motivational.
**Very useful and practical application of the points presented. Lots of short and simple ideas to use with students to get these points across. Wonderful!  
**Excellent as always! Thanks--I will fnd my happy place.
**Excellent! He was a great example of what he was teaching us. Very encouraging!
2010 College Reading and Learning Association Annual Conference (Salt Lake City, Utah)

A big thank you to you!  I continued to hear nothing but positive feedback about you, it was exactly what the agents were looking for!  It really was one of the best meetings we've had in years thanks to you.
Jill Streit
Northeast Florida Association of Realtors

We loved working with you. Already some of your joy has spread through email with simple thank yous that might not have happened without your presentation--people just saying thanks for the little stuff!! What an inspiring Convocation it was; most said it was the best yet.
Maggie Lucey
Northern Essex Community College

The TASS Executive Committee would like to express its sincere thanks for your wonderful and dynamic keynote address. You are simply amazing at being able to blend music, visuals, and words of inspiration and hope to get your message across. Additionally, you do a fantastic job of involving the audience in your presentation. I sure enjoyed playing the air guitar on stage. You truly made Tuesday morning a memorable one for all in attendance. You are indeed an educator's educator.
Terry Bullock
TASS Executive Committee member

What a breath of fresh air you are. Let's hear it for creativity in academia!
Sherry Maves
Highland College Upward Bound

Steve has a way of bringing music, personality, humor, and FUN into his presentations. If you are not singing, you are laughing, or talking to someone you have never seen before. I have brought many new activities into my own classroom.  The students love it. I hope to attend another workshop soon!
Jennifer McGinty
Director of Placement (Bensalem, PA) ComputerTraining.Com

Steve jump started our annual Strategic Planning session with music and humor. It set the tone for an upbeat and productive day that resulted in some of our Board's best strategic work being accomplished. Thank you Steve!
Cindy Funkhouser, Executive Director,
Beaches Emergency Assistance Ministry (non-profit organization)

I wanted to take time to thank you for giving such a wonderful motivational program ... I have been taking in a lot of what you presented when dealing with my students and grads. I am especially more vigilant about realizing that the students are coming here with a lot of other external things going on…I truly enjoyed your presentation. I have been telling everyone about it.
Jennifer Chadwell, Director of Placement
Indiana, Computertraining.com

Your presentation was just the motivation participants needed to get them in an energized mood, ready for participation. You helped to set the tone for what turned out to be a fabulous day!
Dr. Pat Windham
Associate Vice-Chancellor for Evaluation, Florida Department of Education (Division of Community Colleges and Workforce Education)

You would really be a positive addition to our faculty fall conference.
Bruce Kelly
Professor of Psychology, Lindenwood University (St. Louis)

The best session I have ever attended at a conference.
Session evaluation from the 13th Annual Students In Transition Conference (St. Louis, Missouri)

The songs were great and the motivation I needed to make it through this last week of finals.
Lenna E.
College Student

What a great way to begin a day/any workshop/a seminar!
Professor Becky Marez
Del Mar Community College

This [The Choices You Make workshop] has been a great "re-focusing" experience and fun seminar. I was pleased to be in attendance.
Darcy D.
College Student

Great morning -- inspirational ideas -- I feel renewed.
Professor Becky Pudge
Polk Community College

Fantastic! Excellent use of humor. He did not disappoint! Would love to take one of his classes!
Session evaluation from the 13th Annual Students In Transition Conference (St. Louis, Missouri)

Fantastic and entertaining. It was very interesting to learn about the students perspectives as well as very valuable to hear other instructor's ideas.
Tanya Bird
Coordinator of Clinical Education, Polk Community College

Practical strategies in humorous delivery.
Mary Anne Nagler
English Instructor, Oakland Community College

Steve organizes an engaging workshop that provides faculty with concrete steps they may take to build a positive network of support within the University bureaucracy. Even a year since the workshop, several faculty will call me and say " you are a coffee cup person and I need to get together for a chat.
Dr. Kaye Bragg, Director of the Faculty Teaching and Learning Center,
California State University-Bakersfield

Thank you so much!  I plan on sharing all of these ideas with the adjunct faculty.
Lori M. Butler
Developmental English Liaison

Honestly, this seminar [TEAM] was the best I ever attended. It held my attention and was very informative and useful. We all have been to painful seminars, but this was far from that. Thanks for making it entertaining.
Kerri McAlister
Director of Student Activities, Spartanburg Technical College, Spartanburg, South Carolina

I think this type of presentation is what should be done with part time and full time faculty to kick off each semester.
Participant evaluation of a “Classroom refresher” workshop in Charleston, South Carolina.

I thoroughly enjoyed this…humor to address serious concerns in teaching. I want the words to “End of the Semester Blues”!
Elsie M. Campbell
Department of Mathematics, Angelo State University

Through our brief conversations regarding potential topics as well as the anticipated outcomes, you were able to precisely determine what was needed and, as a result, create an atmosphere that encouraged stimulating interaction and dialog among the participants. Your enthusiasm spread to the audience, inviting open and honest communication. Because of the excellent information and group interaction, we are moving to the next level in “enhancing success as a way to create a new work culture. In other words, the event was a huge success because of your leadership and expertise!
Dr. Delphia Williams
Director, Community Services Department, City of Jacksonville (Florida )

Any school looking to enhance their climate through increased teacher collaboration should definitely take advantage of this opportunity. With Mr. Piscitelli's skilled facilitation, staff volunteers began doing a necessary self-assessment identifying not only the factors that were blocking our growth as a learning community, but also re-affirming the positive by capitalizing on our strengths. Because the process is a "grass roots" activity, there was an increased level of buy-in from not only the TEAM members but from the faculty at large. I applaud the TEAM project for bringing our faculty to a better understanding of the need for change while simultaneously deepening our awareness and heightening our appreciation for the difficult yet rewarding work that we do.
Jill Budd
School Principal

Your passion is contagious!
Lindy Bailey
Assistant Registrar, Spartanburg Technical College, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Steve was excellent and really connected with the audience. His presentation was clear and focused.
Department head and participant at a leadership retreat in Jacksonville, Florida.
Steve Piscitelli has provided the Beaches schools with a forum that has taken the very core elements of education and placed them in a teacher-driven focus group.  The TEAM professional development group (The Piscitelli Group) gives schools, in a community, the advantage of looking at their students not just within their school, but at the whole educational development of the students.  Schools are then able to focus on learning gaps, and share and develop best practices.  This group has given us the ground work needed to help make our students successful.
Julie Ryan-Helms

This is the most constructive workshop I have participated in for many years. Participant evaluation from Who am I and what am I doing in this place?
Workshop in Jacksonville, Florida.

This is the third year of our association with Steve Piscitelli and our committee is still as energetic as if it were the first.  Our original two goals of improving communication and closing instructional gaps still drive our efforts.  I am confident that the success of this committee, and its work with our faculty, has been due in large part to the involvement of Steve himself.  Acting as the facilitator, Steve always has a planned agenda that is right on target with our needs.  He treats our staff with professionalism and includes regular follow-up meetings to gauge progress.  Thanks to the "Building Bridges" professional development opportunity, I feel 100% confident that communickation within our secondary feeder pattern is more open then ever before.
Karen Davis
School Principal

Thank you! You motivated me to try some new activities to engage students.
Participant evaluation of a keynote presentation on motivation in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Steve has done a great deal to help us see the "whole picture."  We often departmentalize ourselves to the point where we don't see how the student needs to move from elementary to middle to high school.  If our students are to become competitive in the world, we need to help them achieve the best they can.  This program has helped us to establish a relationship between the schools on the beach creating a consistent learning environment for our students.
Heidi Hermansen