Steve Piscitelli


Advocate for community resilience by helping community members create a safe place to explore, stretch, learn, fail, and grow.

Facilitate pragmatic conversations to help audiences raise awareness, challenge assumptions, and create actions about their environments.

Focus on the practical not the theoretical.

Recognize you as "thought leaders" with valuable insights about your community.

Live the mantra: Life is too short to associate with negative people, pessimistic attitudes, and breaking news alerts.

Love where I live, who I live with, and what I do.

Take time to build authentic relationships rather than manipulative exchanges.

Have written fourteen (published) books, written and recorded two music CDs, written an upbeat blog (since May of 2010), produced a monthly podcast channel (for five years), and created original videos for my YouTube channel (for more than a decade). 

Have written the manuscript for my first novel and currently seeking representation for that work.

Visited (from 2018-2022) my community hospital, hospice center, local schools, and the Jacksonville International Airport as part of a nationally-certified pet therapy team with my dog, Roxie (who released her first book in 2020).

Served my community of Atlantic Beach, Florida as Vice Chairman of the Mayor's Council for Health and Wellbeing (2022).

Served on the Board of Directors for Beaches Watch (2019-2021) and the Beaches Watch Program Committee (2019-current).

Am honored when an individual, community group, book club, or workplace team buys, discusses, shares, and learns from my writings.
Honors and Recognition:

Named (in 2015) one of the "Fabulous 50" at Florida State College at Jacksonville (a student-nominated recognition of "talented and dedicated faculty and staff."

Received special recognition in 2015 from Jacksonville University with the addition of my name to the list of "Alumni You Ought to Know."

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I am not a life coach and do not provide legal advice. 
I facilitate conversations and help your teams raise and confront important questions about what they do, why they do it, and how they do it.