Welcome to the podcast space for The Growth and Resilience Network (TM).


The underlying theme of these podcasts reflects the importance of professional and personal growth and resilience.  You have three ways to access the podcasts:

1. Click here to go to my podcast channel (http://www.piscitellipodcasts.libsyn.com/).
2. OR Go to iTunes Podcasts.(https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/growth-resilience-steve-piscitelli/id1033281375?mt=2).  
3. OR Click on the links below. These will take you to the same presentations as above--but with a few images of my guests.

Episode #1: Powerful (Mindful) Preparation. Powerful Presentation
      Guest: Entertainer and songwriter Mike "Shack" Shackelford (June 2015)

Episode #2: Transformational Leadership (Part 1)
      Guest: Dr. John Wall  (July 2015)

Episode #3: Transformational Leadership (Part 2)
      Guest: Dr. John Wall (July 2015)

Episode #4. Creativity (Part 1): Listening to the Internal Dialogue
      Guest: Songwriter and visual artist Shawn Eager (August 2015)

Episode #5. Creativity (Part 2): Seeking Inspiration & the Road to Your Heart
      Guest: Songwriter and visual artist Shawn Eager  (August 2015)

Episode #6: Balancing Career and Life: A Working Mother's Perspective
      Guest: Business woman Katie Mahan  (September 2015)

Episode #7. Resilience: Thriving in the Thin Place
      Guest: The Reverend Don R. Lynn  (October 2015)

Episode #8. Inspiration and the Potential to Make a Difference
      Guest: Award-winning reporter Matt Soergel (November 2015)

Episode #9. Physical Fitness and Mental Discipline
      Guest: Charles Bailey, personal trainer (December 2015)

Episode #10. Personal Growth and Resilience Through Personal Challenges
      Guest: Eileen Crawford, LMHS  (January 2016)

Episode #11. Career-Balance: A Working DAD's Perspective
      Guest: Brian Crawford, businessman  (February 2016)

Episode #12. Entrepreneurship: The Art of Intentionality, Growth and Resilience
      Guest: CEO Pepper Lindsey of Lindsey Films (www.lindseyfilms.com) (March 2016)

Episode #13. Children FACE Their Future with Resilience
      Guest: Kirk Farber, Executive Director of F.A.C.E. (www.face4kids.org)  (April 2016)

Episode #14: Overcoming Adversity Among Disabled Clients with Prader-Willi Syndrome
      Guests: The Arc of Alachua County (www.arcalachua.org)  (May 2016)

Episode #15: Building Resilience for Ex-Offenders, Their Families, and Their Communities
      Guest: Kevin Gay, CEO and President of Operation New Hope (www.operationnewhope.org/) (June 2016)

Episode #16: The Brucci's Conversations About Music and Resilience (recorded on location).
      Guests include the musical host for the evening, Mike Shackelford and a number of performers and audience members. (July 2016)

Episode #17: Growth and Resilience Through Reflective Practice
      Guests: Award-winning educators Emily Moore and Lori Dees from Wake Technical Community College (August 2016)

Episode #18: Children Are Homeless, Too
      Guest: Maxine Engram, Program Manager for The Sulzbacher Center of Jacksonville, Florida  (September 2016)

Episode #19: Living and Thriving with a Dual Sensory Impairment
      Guest: Krista Waters (October 2016)

Episode #20: Life is Not About Me, It's About Others. (100 Years of Insight)
      Guest: Centenarian Dr. Frances Bartlett Kinne (November 15, 2016)

Episode #21: Resilience and the Media
     Guest: Melissa Ross, radio host and producer ( December 15, 2016)

Episode #22: The Earth is Fine: We Have Work to Do
      Guest: Adam Hoyles, scientist and environmental consultant (January 15, 2017)

Episode #23: Listent to Your Heart
    Guest: Neil Dixon, singer-songwriter  (February 15, 2017)

Episode #24: Women and Community Development: Don't Wait to be Asked
    Guest: Chris Hoffman, City Council Member, Business Owner, and Executive Director (March 15, 2017)

Episode #25: Enhancing Life Through Sports and Recreation
    Guest: Alice Krauss, Occupational Therapist and Program Manager (Brooks Adaptive Sports and Recreation) (April 15, 2017)

Episode #26: Middle School Resilience: Do We Build or Do We Mend?
    Guest: John Louis Meeks, Jr., Middle School Teacher (May 15, 2017)

Episode #27: The GRN Second Anniversary Celebration: The GRN Second Anniversary Celebration
     Guest: A retrospective from episodes over the last two years.  (June 15, 2017)

Upcoming (Tentative) Topics Include:

• Resilience from the perspective of elementary school students.

Please let me know what topics (under the growth and resilience umbrella) you would like for my guests and me to explore.