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Atlantic Beach, Florida 32233
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Steve keeps in mind that ANY presentation has to be about the audience, NOT him.  When he comes to your institution, conference, or company, he recognizes that you are the thought leaders within your space. He uses his talents to facilitate conversations, raise questions, and move toward action.

Steve will work with you to develop and facilitate professional and personal development programs that emphasize the power of well-thought out small choices to nurture growth and resilience. He will help you and your team raise awareness, challenge assumptions, and create action.

Stories represent a powerful sharing tool--and Steve weaves them into his sessions.  The video clip below (from a keynote presentation) encourages you to think about your story and how it can be inspirational. 


Your Story. Your Inspiration.
(Filmed at San Jacinto College. 2016)


 Click for more live clips.

Facilitation to raise awareness, challenge assumptions, and create action.